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To energize the right property, you need to know WHEN.

Federal, state and local level governments are issuing new historic preservation laws and incentives to help developers better determine how to preserve local charm, character, and architectural integrity. “Tear it down and build something new” is now more often “save what you have”. 

Our high level expertise in consulting, acquisition, finance, development and marketing coupled with our solid team of allied professionals serves municipalities, property owners and investors who seek to restore the value of property and community. 

Some of the real estate properties we now pursue qualify to create the added asset of tax credits, which can be monetized to lever investor equity and reduce the amount of long-term debt needed. Some may also fall within guidelines of recently re-incentivized Federal Opportunity Zones.

All have interesting history, architecture and potential which tends to help generate positive community support on the road to town revival. Please enjoy your tour of our website to learn more about how WHEN Development might help you.



These are what we want to save in your town!

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WHEN offers property development consulting services on a contract basis.

As consultants, we can assess the feasibility and viability of potential project design, finance, branding and implementation.

The Directors and Allies of WHEN DEVELOPMENT also have skill sets to actually plan, set up, manage and promote the business ventures

that will arise out of these proposed development projects!


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