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DRAKE HOUSE: Good Bones. Good Bones. Good BONES.

In 2017, the wrap around tongue and groove porch was restored and some 128 window panes replaced. The roof is cantilevered over the four exterior walls and two grand hallway interior walls. The columns are non-weight bearing -- A testament to architectural skill and building acumen in the 1850’s.

The one upside down baluster is a traditional sign of good luck.

Back in the day, the support system for the massive roof was hand sawed, drilled and doweled.

The brick pier foundation solidly supports the sturdy, center cut, old growth beams underneath the original floorboards. There is NO BOW, ANYWHERE, in these beams! And to boot, 151 years ago, a young girl practicing her alphabets and grammar in chalk, beam by beam, ended with “My old hen went to setting on the 21 of March, 1867.”