Our culture at a glance

WHEN is a development company that delivers architectural integrity and construction excellence by honoring history with an eye to the future.

We are committed to excellence through: Research, Relationships, and Renovation. Our goal is to extend the life of everything we touch. Positive change is paramount.

To energize the right property,

you need to know WHEN.TM

Not every structure or related property can be saved. Strong evaluation skills and bold vision are essential to good decision making. We seek to serve in this capacity for property owners and family offices seeking guidance.

WHEN offers property development consulting services on a contract basis. As consultants, we can assess the feasibility and viability of potential project design, finance, branding and implementation.

The Directors and Allies of WHEN DEVELOPMENT also have skill sets to actually plan, set up, manage and promote the business ventures that will arise out of these proposed development projects!

Let’s find a fee that works for everyone.

Please read more about our experience and key relationships  below.


Be your own agent of change.

Our mission

We are committed to be a new breed of real estate developer, to deliver the best service possible and to be a part of projects that improve people’s lives without burying past elements of architectural culture.


Our people are professional in everything they do. Here is your chance to enjoy new access to opportunity and to engage with professionals who energize properties and people.


Our company can boast the reputation of a trusted partner for municipal managers, preservationist and real estate owners. We also maintain and continue to grow a solid network of allied professionals. We are proud of the uncompromising quality of services we provide. Our team will happily help you to deal with any issue.