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DRAKE HOUSE: On to drywall, windows, and one magnificent door.

Drywall and exposed beam-work are up in the den wing.

The pass through window (made possible by a transplanted transom from another room) will get a ledge and trim-work next. Everybody already wants to order some food from the kitchen.

Here is the current view to the den showing new sunroom windows and drywall.

And here's the view from the den back across to the guest room wing. On the right, note the case opening where the previous back door was located. (This sunroom is all new interior space located where an old outdoor porch had been.)

From the deck, here is the first view of the sunroom window placement.

The crucial installation of the huge antique pine door was perfect.

Master Carpenter Al was pretty excited about his handi-work!

At mid afternoon, the view out was taking shape. THEN LATER...

The first sunset hits the new back door and fills the Grand Hall.

The views from the front door...

...and then the halfway point were pretty majestic.

The final drywall phase (with mud and plaster repair) will have Al up on stilts all week. Will be sure to get some "flamingo" shots next week and post them here.