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DRAKE HOUSE: Renovation Receives Local Preservation Award

The acquisition, planning, and renovation of the Drake House in Griffin GA, has received the 2019 Dr. Grady F. Duke Preservation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Local Preservation Efforts, from the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society.

(Pictured LtoR) Griffin Spalding Historical Society President Drew Todd, Robert Worley, Claudia Worley

(Pictured LtoR) Claudia Worley, Robert Worley, Todd Maynor, Stephanie Maynor)

This award is a great honor for us, and it demonstrates our ability to identify, evaluate, purchase and impact properties worthy of reviving and preserving. We appreciate the well wishes and support from those who understand that historic preservation maintains architectural integrity, stimulates local economies, and revitalizes community spirit.

Many thanks go to:

Todd Maynor for finding, assessing and envisioning the property’s renovation potential, recommending "sacrificing" a room to create three bathrooms, and providing historically accurate exterior and interior design direction

The Griffin-Spalding Historical Society for selecting our bid to purchase and renovate the property in the first place

O. Russell Worley AIA, Inc. | Architects for drawing the plans that dramatically extended the hallway and tied the back side of the house together

Master Carpenter Al Lucas for his outstanding skills and humor on-site

Aaron Elmore and HomeTec, Inc for their GC services

Robert Simoneax and Pelican Electric for complete electrical system

Willie Quick and Hammond Services for complete plumbing install

Les Bragg of Bragg Roofing for a fearless roofing team

Will Goodman. ASLA, for drawing the hardscape and landscape plans

Gordon and Deanie Brans of Marietta Reclamation for removing and preserving architectural elements that were not needed on the project

The City of Griffin for their support in permitting and code rulings to ensure the original integrity of the structure could be maintained

Claudia Worley for her patience, attention to detail, and befriending of the local antique dealers to find the right vanities and finishing touches that met her great sense of style.

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