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When advanced age is a strength.

A big benefit of Historic Preservation is that, under the right conditions, certain materials (beams, flooring, siding, framing come to mind) can be superior to ANYTHING similar grown/available today.  Old growth wood is termite proof (too dense to eat), strong like steel and beautiful beyond measure. As with anything construction-related cost can be the determining factor on salvaging materials for reuse, but, when done properly and efficiently it’s the best of both worlds. 

To dramatically demonstrate the benefit of age under the right conditions, we submit the documentary film clip below. These interviewees, 78 to 103 years of age in 1929 show that, under the right conditions, certain people, can be demonstrably superior to those of the same age today. In the 1800’s, physical activity in work -- combined with diet, habits, attitude (and an understanding of the Almighty) all contributed to create a fine quality “material” featuring similar durability, strength, character and beauty (albeit mostly of spirit) to that of old growth wood. 

This peering back into time is very impactful. The elderly people in this clip video are amazingly radiant, priceless and full of character. So are restored 170-year old heart pine floors.

Check out this link!>>>>> 1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US