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Historic Treasures Reclaimed to Use Elsewhere

Historic preservation is a tight community that relies on unique, trusted, connections. Whereas we specialize in finding the right properties to save and develop, our friends and strategic partners Gordon and Deanie Brans of Marietta Reclamation specialize in preserving architectural elements and eclectic accents from renovations and demolitions. A perfect match!

Recently they came to Griffin to claim the mantels, fireplace covers, chandelier medallions, doors, windows and heart pine beams leftover from our renovation of the c1850 Drake House. They will be sure to find the right home for these hard to find items.

Homeowner Claudia Worley along with Deanie Brans and Gordon Brans take a break during the load out.

A hot August day made for some hard work!

Gordon secured the load for the journey back.

Headed home!

They plan to return in a few weeks to reclaim items from our 1898 church property.