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DRAKE HOUSE: We said the floors would ultimately be the star of the show. And THEY ARE!

Word had it that the existing state of the original 1" heart pine floorboards would take A LOT of tender loving care to restore. We were not deterred.

Al brought in an outstanding flooring company that he had used over 300 times

to come sand and refinish the floors.

Running a variety of high end planers and sanders for days on end, the fine folks from Superior Hardwood Floors showed their talent and dedication to get the floors prepped properly. And once they had finished the final coat of poly, they had brought back the drama of how the floors must have looked when originally installed some 168 years ago.

Grand Hall: View west to the heart pine door.… Floor RESTORED.

Grand Hall: View east to the front door.… Floor RESTORED.

Guest bedroom:  Floor RESTORED. Room taking shape.

Living room:  Floor RESTORED.

Kitchen:  Floor RESTORED. Room taking shape.

And yes, we moved in for Thanksgiving! Many thanks to all the crews for pulling this off.

There is still more interior painting and fussing to do. And next year, the exterior paint and grounds will be addressed.

For now, our back porch sunsets are a daily treat.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!