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GRIFFIN, GA: Peeling back the onion in demo reveals some pleasant surprises.

Al the master carpenter admires the beams after cutting away the floorboards in a center room dedicated to three new bathrooms.

Later out on the porch,  Todd and Al marvel at the integrity of the original floorboards.

Look at the very bottom left at the beam coming our from the old fireplace.

Then look at this close-up of perfect mortise and tenon hand-cut joint, holding still form after 168 years.

ABOVE TOP: Note this floor nook in the sturdy wall supports where Al found someone else’s marble and clothespin collection. From the looks of the disparity in the ages of the marbles, that someone must have found someone else’s stash from years ago, including a perfect cat eye marble center bottom.

Plywood and blue chalk lines are now ready for framing the three bathrooms. More soonest!