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GRIFFIN, GA: Dawn rises on the back window wall and new deck.

As dawn rises on the back window wall of the new sunroom and adjacent new deck, we await our first inspection. That center plywood area is where the 8 ft. pine door with beveled glass will face west to evening sunsets. Initially designed before electricity, this house was placed facing east on a ridge to maximize daylight throughout the day by chanelling it down the central hallway, which will now be 70 feet long.

This 2 1/4" thick 8' heart of pine door will be very dramatic in this setting as the focal point at the other end of the grand hall for every new visitor entering the front door.

The new row of windows that will encase it are on order along with the french doors off the wings that mimic the pine door. More on those when they get in.

The back deck off the new sunroom is in place.

Aaron and Al install some of the near-period windows found by Hometec, our builder,  re-purposed from one of their demolition jobs in Covington. Thanks for a great re-use of resources!

In time for the big initial rough inspection, new airducts and returns are ready to move some serious air thanks to Hometec! New electrical lines are run and ready to connect. Thank you Pelican Electric! Plumbing is roughed plus water tanks and sewer lines are ready underneath… and out of sight. Thanks to Hammond Services!

We would also like to hand out some well-earned thank you’s to assorted Griffinites (and one fun Jacksonian) for their support in this endeavor! Our common commitment to preservation and antiquities has been fruitful.

To Steve Cash and his sister Barbara at Auction Block for the epic 8 ft. heart of pine Back Door, stunning library bath vanity cabinet and their genuine interest in what we are doing.

To Artie at Artie's Antiques who poured his heart into stripping the pine door and polishing of the hardware, and to Larry at Larry's Lock & Key to reworking the locks.

To Woody Heath for the large-scale period furniture, lamps/lampshades, grandfather clock and mantle clock, but more importantly, for believing in us.

To Steve Morris at Salvage Depot for the perfect tile, doors and sinks we needed to pull off some critical details.

To all the fine folks at Jan’s Used Furniture for the wonderful heavy curtains, the elegant carved bar cabinet that will be a real conversation piece and for their constant encouragement.

And again (as referenced in previous blogs), to Master Carpenter Al Lucas for preserving all the wild artifacts in the walls for Claudia to put in the planned display case.

Can’t say enough about the people who are helping us.

Having fun everyone…More soon.