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DRAKE HOUSE: The thrill of preserving architecture, stimulating the local economy and invigorating people.

It is very rewarding to see things come to fruition on this fantastic historic structure. Workers are proud to be a part of something they just don’t see everyday. Neighbors are stopping by to keep up and to encourage. Friends and family are driving in from out of town to see what it is all about in person.

Claudia and I went to pay our respects to the original owners, the Jonathan  P. Milner family, only to discover their architect/builder Gilman Drake buried not far away in the same block 6 section of the old cemetery.

Thanks to Griffin Archivist Cindy Barton who helped us locate a 1915 plot view (No. 85).

Thanks to Cindy again for this 1955 aerial shot that shows the old back lot with its outbuilding and trails, plus the slightly smaller, replica house that Gilman Drake also built later for the Milners (across the street and five houses down to the right in the photo -- you can tell by the square rooflines.)

Preservation is a fine thing. Thanks again to all who are helping.

More on the latest post-inspection developments soon. (Yes, we passed!)