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DRAKE HOUSE: Prepping the walls, beams and trim and the march toward finishes.

Our last blog left off at drywall. The next critical phase featured preserving the plaster where possible and then blending it in with the new drywall to create a uniform surface to paint.

This was achieved through skillfully sculpting the mud between many crevices, holes and transition surfaces.  This is painstaking work to make it look right.

Al’s personality is topped only by his incredible skills. After sanding, the wall surface he eventually achieved throughout the house became a complete marvel. (See dining room shot down below.)

During this same phase, all existing trim work and doors were scraped down for loose paint and washed clean.

Al then primed the entire house interior (ceilings, walls, trim and doors) to encapsulate all old paint.

Aaron’s team sanded the den beams just enough to reveal and preserve the original mill markings.

Al’s team moves on to re-fashioning the trim for:

Dining room entrance....NOTE THE WALL SURFACE!!!! It is like that everywhere!

Front bedroom entry to bathroon...

Back-wing guest bedroom trimmed out with wall painted.

Many thanks to Aaron and Al for getting everyone through one of the most trying phases of this endeavor.