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DRAKE HOUSE: The beginning of finishes.

THIS is what we saw from the beginning. One of the biggest highlights of this house is the quality of the 1” thick heart pine floorboards. Years of neglect and repeated painting have left the surface wanting, but we knew the potential of the floors for this house. They would be the star of the show.

On the left above, observe the one-inch thick heart pine floorboards - unbelievably high quality material just waiting to be reborn. On the right, check out our test.  The smaller board is a section of the a floorboard fragment sanded and coated just one coat of polyurethane.  With multiple coats, the floors throught the original section of the house will eventually match the 8' back door (shown beside for comparison).

Passing the temp to full power electrical inspection meant a welcome visit from Griffin Power to establish full power in the house.

And the installation of new fixtures starts to build some visible momentum.

After the dust bowl of the wall prep phase, sections of the kitchen floors go were washed vigorously in preparation of base cabinet placement.

After the base cabinets were set in the kitchen, DeBeer Granite came out to laser measure the exact specs for the countertop cutting and placement. 

Then, the rest of the cabinets began arriving and were set in place.

The paint selections are set within the layout of the house.  

The cermonial first paint strokes begin a long journey to completing interior paint.

Wall coat in the master bedroom.