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GRIFFIN, GA: Economic Development Coming to the Forefront.

The City of Griffin held a powerful Economic Development Lunch and Learn session on June 14th. Featured presenter Daryl Ingram from ECG’s Economic and Community Development Division discussed topics including new economic development trends, the value of place making, talent recruitment, development community inter-connectivity and more. Over 40 people attended including the Griffin’s mayor, city management/planning/operations officials, developers, commercial real estate agents, property owners and bankers.

The event was the brainchild of Griffin’s new Economic Development leader, Yvonne Williams, who was featured in this event follow-up article. Williams leads the charge for downtown Griffin.

Also love the vibe of this Georgia Tourism video that was presented at the meeting. Southern Charm by Quiet Hounds .

Griffin surely has southern charm and a whole lot more. And things are happening in a significant way.