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GRIFFIN, GA: New Life for an Old Friend.

An old friend will soon return as a local place to be. Tear out is underway at our adaptive re-use project next to Solomon Park in Griffin. Cranking up the lights in the old Heck Chapel next to the annual Chamber "Dinner on the Bridge", was a terrific move. Immediate interest generated tours of the tear-out and many fine suggestions for our future venue.

We see restoring the long ago removed bell tower that nestles next to the bridge. (Look again at the rendering.) Rather than install a bell, will install night lighting to have a beacon effect to the local area. The front door will be replaced in its original 9’ casing format.

The current suspended ceiling will be removed to reveal the fantastic existing bead board vaulted ceiling. Only light restoration will be required to bring out the original natural beauty of the structure. Once restored, this original ceiling will be memorable to all future attendees. And, the acoustics will be ourstanding.

Pews will be restored and rearranged around the edges to allow for a variety of central seating setups for tables, chairs, or just open based on the requirements of the events. Dismantled pew planks will provide a nice ledge around sections of the Main Hall. Carpet will be removed and the original wooden floors restored to glory. New bathrooms will be placed behind soundproof walls and a remodeled, centered stage The worn tongue and groove skirt will be removed to reveal the original brick for a warmer, lower skirt all around. We will feature flexible staging at EITHER end of the main hall, depending on the need for the large stained window as a backdrop. The basement remodel will feature a catering prep kitchen plus service elevator to the main hall, office, dressing room and rental item storage.  

The lower portion of the windows on the long sides will be replaced with seeded glass to offer an unobstructed view out to the park. The painted top Gothic arches of those windows will remain. Similar treatment will be given to the painted faux stained glass windows The center window on the side facing the park will be renovated into a door that empties crowds out onto a newly installed party deck facing Solomon Park.

Here is how she looked from a different angle before the bridge was drastically enlarged. Note the larger tower that we will restore. More soon...