Fresh real estate news

GRIFFIN GA: Something new is at hand here.

There is a movement afoot in Griffin for interested parties to come together and work together like never before for renewal.

A real recipe is percolating to spur downtown Griffin’s and the surrounding area’s economic stimulation. This effort stems from:

·      City leadership

·      Developer vision

·      Enterprise commitment

·      Investor will

·      Community support

Empty buildings are becoming available for sale. These structures provide opportunity for new enterprises to try something different. Loft living is taking off. Old homes, large and small, are being renovated on both sides of the tracks.

New restaurant options are opening downtown for burritos or bagels. Existing downtown favorites like 6th Street Pier, Bank Street Café, Corner Café, Angelo’s, Slices, Mill Town Gourmet, J. Henry's, Griffin Dog House, Louise’s and more, remain steady fixtures.

As things happen among a variety of developers old and new (it is not just us), we encourage the people of Griffin to be bold and positive, with an outlook strong on the future. For today, with every new step, every new pledge and every new commitment, things are looking better for everyone. Those who have gravitated here for years to escape larger city traffic, stress, hustle and bustle elsewhere see it. Many who have lived here a little while still long for it.

We are just glad to be here.