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GRIFFIN, GA: New designs on 30224

Griffin is easy to love.  The people are kind. The tap water tastes great. The newspaper puts a different reader’s name in the masthead every day.  As long as you find a way to not turn left on or off Taylor Street, you can pretty much get anywhere you need to be in about five minutes.

The downtown grid layout makes for a pleasant stroll. Famous movie and movie star plaques dot the sidewalks everywhere, only to be outshined by the many war veteran tributes fastened to the facades of most every building.

Sacrifice is in Griffin’s blood. A spirit of independence is rooted in its history from days when its massive textile mills fueled the local economy for a long, long time. Pride runs deep in the bones of the wonderful architecture that dominates the downtown buildings and nearby neighborhoods.

We see historic buildings as tools for bringing people together through new activity. These fresh starts are a way to honor the past and preserve culture while living actively in the present to create change and spur growth. This is why we are acquiring, preserving and revitalizing properties here in Griffin.

That, and we just love it here.